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As well as improvisation masterclasses you can choose from the following:

A Life in the Arts

A performance lecture where Harry gives an account of his professional career to date, covering his first breaks into radio and TV, recording sessions with household names and performances from solo cabaret in the Albert Hall to Pop tours with international artists. Interspersed with musical routines of ‘staggering virtuosity’ in every conceivable style of piano playing, he combines humour with practical advice for young self-employed professionals-to-be in all fields; how to present themselves, find work, deal with finance and avoid potential pitfalls. A perfect addition to any general studies programme, or as a stand-alone event.

‘You were fantastic! What talent! Thank you so much for making your way down here and uplifting us all with such a dazzling display.’
Neil Morris, Head of General studies, Hurstpierpoint College

Whose Style is it Anyway?

Harry has been challenging audiences to throw him ‘any tune in any style’ in shows all over the world as well as on radio and TV for 15 years. In this lecture he shows students how this is possible, what actually constitutes the sound of Rachmaninov or Rock’n’ Roll. He demonstrates this in twenty or so styles – all using only the chord of C major! A brilliant dissection of musicality in approachable terms, designed to open up a new world of musical possibilities to students of all abilities. Suitable for all school music groups.

‘Harry’s lecture on improvisation was brilliant, not too scary for beginners but with plenty for the pros to think about too’
Andy Carvill, Head of Keyboard Division, Yamaha UK