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Improvising from scratch

For groups of up to a dozen pianists, Harry draws on all the different approaches to the keyboard he’s utilised over the years and shows anyone from those who have never improvised before up to seasoned extemporisers what it’s all about. Many students are excited by the idea of improvising but when confronted with putting away the music find the reality slightly daunting. Harry's approach is to de-mystify the process for beginners by breaking things down into manageable ideas and for those a little more advanced to unlock doors and send them in entirely new directions. It is an harmonic and aural approach that does not conflict with the students' classical tuition but rather enhances their all-round musicianship! A two-hour workshop in the afternoon is followed by an evening concert where Harry performs his extraordinary cabaret and ends by accompanying the students in live performance. From 11-18 years, and grade III and above.

"Harry is a piano player who defies classification. Possessed of a prodigious technique that almost brings a new meaning to the term virtuoso and of a repertoire that apparently embraces almost everything, he weaves pieces and styles together with magical facility."
Jasper R Dimond, West Sussex Times

Workshops up close

'The pupils were utterly inspired, two pupils who were considering quitting have since decided to carry on thanks to you.'
Tim McVittie, Head of Music, Dean Close School, Cheltenham